Project Description


The ICA secured the license from MyMachine Global Foundation to implement MyMachine as a flagship pilot project in South Africa over the next three years.

With the secured license ICA have the legal permission to promote and operate MyMachine- South Africa with all rights to the brand and unique MyMachine methodology.

This puts ICA in a unique position to influence the education system in a very meaningful and innovative way.

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Please take a moment to visit the MyMachine Global Foundation website

3 steps in one academic year

Our unique methodology (created and owned by the MyMachine Global Foundation):

  • IDEA: children from elementary/kindergarten schools invent their own ‘Dream Machine’. Anything goes. The main criterion is that it’s relevant for the child who really, really wants it.

  • CONCEPT: higher education students (e.g. product design, game design students, engineers, architect students, art students) propose one or more solutions to design those machines.
    The best solutions – according to the children – then are selected and further developed.

  • WORKING PROTOTYPE: technical secondary school students build real prototypes of those machines, assisted by the kids who invented them and the higher education students who designed them.

Throughout this whole process the children, pupils and students can use the expertise and support of a wide range of local corporations and organizations that share a common view on STE(A)M, creativity in education, entrepreneurship, open education, project-based learning and maker-centered learning.

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