Project Description


YouthBank is a development initiative that introduces young people to development through a fundraising and grantmaking project. Young people are encouraged to identify development priorities, raise funds and create opportunities for grant making within their communities. The ICA play a two-fold role when it comes to YouthBank:

1) host and support a number of YouthBank projects along the West Coast,
2) while at the same time provide training and support to other organisations wanting to host YouthBanks nationally.

Consequently, the ICA is both an implementer and an infrastructure support organisation for YouthBanks. The YouthBank programme targets young people between the ages of 14-35-year of age (based on the South African Constitution). This is a combination of in-
school and out of school young people who want to make a positive difference in their communities. The ICA already has a good relationship and is a member of YouthBank International, making them best placed to explore building and supporting YouthBanks in the region.

Key strategies

  • Part of the ideal YouthBank process requires that the host organisation provide matched funding to support the efforts of the young people, meaning funds that match or challenge what the young people themselves raise through their own efforts.

  • The ICA began to explore the possibility of a national fund that will allow for YouthBanks nationally to apply for funding. This, the ICA does in its role as an infrastructure support organisation.

  • The ICA continuously explores possibilities of exchange programs between YouthBanks and perhaps a national gathering of Coordinators and / or YouthBank members forming a regional YouthBank HUB.

  • Potential host organisations are required to show commitment to the process by making a financial contribution to the development and operations of the YB project they are hosting.

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