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Inspired by the African philosophies of Ubuntu and Ujamaa, we believe in the power of communities leading their own growth. Our mission is to connect brave community activists with brave investors, fostering unity and strength during challenging times.

Why Volunteer with Us?”

Discover the impact you can make.”

Directly impact the lives of community members.

Gain valuable experience and skills.

Be a part of a passionate and dedicated team.


Help drive change and innovation in our programs.

Programmes at The Initiative

Community Affiliated Fund Programme (CAF)

  • Focused on letting local communities take charge of their own growth.
  • Provides mechanisms for financial contributions to community advancement.
  • CAFs are initiated by activists and hosted by ICA, with decisions made locally.
  • Each CAF has a set of standard rules but remains adaptable.

Citizenship Engagement Programme

  • Equips communities to engage actively with local issues.
  • Activities include ward conferences, community dialogues, and a municipal tracking system.
  • Creates dialogue on municipal challenges and promotes transparency.

Community Rebuilding Fund

  • Provides financial support to both emerging and established projects in the Bergrivier area.

Bergrivier Youth Fund

  • A unique fund where young people can secure funding to bring their development ideas to life.

Youth Public Participation: MyDorp

  • Encourages young individuals to participate in community planning.
  • Involves learners, students, industry experts, and municipal departments.
  • Young people aged 13-16 develop a vision for their “dream town”.

The Volunteer Process

A simple step-by-step guide to becoming a volunteer.


Fill out the volunteer application form


Attend a volunteer orientation session.


Choose your preferred volunteer role.


Start making a difference!

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FAQ Heading

FAQ Sub Heading

How can I become a volunteer?

Visit the “Volunteer” page for information on volunteering opportunities and how to get started.

Do I need any specific qualifications to volunteer?

No, you don’t need any qualifications to volunteer at ICA.